As with most expeditions, the real difficulty comes in the planning and preparation.  The financial costs are high and the team requires support from sponsors who could provide money/equipment/services and would value the rare chance of having their name associated with this project.  Financial support is required to help cover the leasing costs of the boat, equipment, shipping, entry fees, clothing and other misc. items.  A budget of £70-£90k is required.  The higher the figure, the more competitive the boat and associated equipment would be - increasing the chances of winning!

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Sponsorship offers the opportunity to be associated with a British Army venture. Acknowledgement of the sponsor will be made using on-site advertising material and use of standard logos on equipment and vehicles. Acknowledgement can take various forms:

  • Branding. The use of the organisation’s name and/or logo on the boat, clothing and other promotional material or publications. This would include the naming of the boat for the Title Sponsor if so desired.

Force Atlantic side of boat.jpg
Force Atlantic Rich Hall.jpg
  • Advertising. Advertisements for sponsoring organisations may appear in any relevant brochures or literature associated with the activity or recipient of the sponsorship. This will be outlined in the formal written sponsorship agreement.

  • Media. On average, there are 3,250 pieces of media coverage generated across the race. Last year, the race start was broadcast on BBC World News Channel and 2 hours 15 minutes airtime was secured on BBC Breakfast. As the British Army team is unique, and that we have just learned the Royal Navy are entering their first team in 2019 – there is an additional narrative which focuses on inter-Services rivalry. The event will also leverage the British Army’s publicity department to capitalise on the narrative of ‘opportunity’ that this event brings to life. This might include Forces TV and Soldier Magazine and make use of the British Army’s large digital footprint (the Army has 233k Twitter followers and 1.6 million Facebook followers for example) as well as regional and national media officers with great connections to most media outlets.

  • Accreditation. The direct association of the sponsor company name with all activity relating to the Army’s undertaking of this challenge. Accreditation could be worded along the following lines:

    “Sponsored by …” “Supported by …” “Made possible with the assistance of …” “Powered by….”

  • Product Placement. Publicising (but not endorsing or advertising) an organisation’s products or services provided to support the challenge and as part of the activity being sponsored through exhibition or use.

  • Army Foundation College Harrogate association. The College delivers some unique, invitation only events that would become part of the sponsorship package. These would include the August 2019 Graduation Parade (largest mil grad parade in Europe), a College Officer’s Mess Regimental Guest Night (Mess kit/Black tie), and the February 2020 College boxing evening – one of largest and most spectacular events in the Army’s boxing calendar.


Click the links below to contribute to our campaign, or donate to the Army Benevolent Fund, the phenomenal charity whom we are charity whom we are raising money for.



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