TMSDI of York

Taking the Guesswork out of Teamwork!

We followed the physical sculpting of Broga, with some mental manipulation…

2019.09.19 Brochure.jpg

Members of our 150 Club, and industry leading team-profiling company, TMSDI of York, assessed our personalities and gave us a valuable insight into the psychological make up of our crew. Following an intensive questionnaire, reaching into the dark recesses of our minds, TMSDI revealed the working preferences and relative focus strengths of each of us. The purpose of this is to highlight the gaps in our team, and where we are likely to have operating ‘blind spots’, where neither of us will naturally make efforts unless we need to. As you can imagine, this was fascinating – we discovered that the four of us are all much-of-a-muchness, and 'blind spot' may not accurately capture the vast swathes of the working spectrum FORCE ATLANTIC barely recognises!